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!!! Due to the progress of the worksite on the site of Val Benoît, your afterwork had to be postponed. We'll come back to you asap with a new date.

After an absence of nearly 2 years due to COVID19, our B2B relay race is finally coming back on the magic place that is Val Benoît! With a winding yet fast 1km-loop around the site. And with a sympathetic, invigorating meal lovingly prepared by our chief. Lovers of good drinks will be in heaven with local beers & natural juices. For the run we've kept the same recipe: find 2 colleagues to form a team of 3 runners. At 6PM sharp, runner A takes 3 loops of 1km around Val Benoît and comes back at the finish line; he takes his colleague B for 3 more loops of 1km and they come back together to the finish line. Then they
take their 3rd colleague for the last 3 loops of 1km. They come back at the finish line and cross it together. Runner A takes thus 9km, runner B 6km and runner C 3km. Directly after the run, competitors are given their medals, take a shower and enjoy a super walking diner in a happy mood lounge music. End of the afterwork around 10.30PM.

VIP package

technical running tshirt✔️


photograph (photocall)✔️

shower & lockers✔️

walking diner✔️

open bar✔️

happy mood lounge music ✔️

59,29 euro all taxes incl./runner
(177,87 euro all taxes inc./3 runners)


Our chief will treat you as real guest stars with a selection of veggie & non-veggie dishes + local beers, natural juices & many more.

VIP: totally free
BASIC: pay as you eat & drink

BASIC package

technical running tshirt


photograph (photocall)✔️

shower & lockers

walking diner not included (*)

open bar not included (*)❌

happy mood lounge music✔️

(*) pay per meal/per drink

22,99 euro all taxes incl./runner
(68,97 euro all taxes inc./3 runners)


Awards to the 3 best mixed teams,

to the 3 best women's teams

and to the 3 best men's teams


Men, women
S, M, L, XL

Special thanks to Pascal Hubert for his wonderful photographs

RUNNING animation

Johan Debière,

Journalist, Run the Loop's founder

& completely mad on running!


For those still standing...