Run the Loop arrives to the WEX zoning 5/10/2023

18.00 PM


The organization of the very 1st edition of a B2B relay-race in a business parc is always a terrifying yet wonderful experience. You have to convince the workers and their employers that running after an heavy workday can have real benefits: cohesion of the group, contribution to the good health and so on.

After the run, the VIP participants will be restaured with an invigorating meal lovingly prepared and served by our chief Grégoire. Lovers of good drinks will be in heaven with local beers and some fine wines.

For the run we've kept the same recipe since the beginning of our adventure in 2011: find 2 colleagues to form a team of 3 runners. At 6PM sharp, runner A takes a 1st loop of 3km around the business parc and comes back at the finish line; he takes his colleague B for a 2nd loop of 3km and they come back together to the finish line. Then they
take their 3rd colleague for a last loop of 3km. They come back at the finish line and cross it together. Directly after the run, competitors are given their medals, take a shower and enjoy a memorable walking diner in a happy mood with lounge music. End of the afterwork around 10.30PM.

VIP package

technical running tshirt✔️


photograph (photocall)✔️

shower & lockers✔️

walking diner✔️

open bar✔️

happy mood with lounge music ✔️


In charge of the walking diner, our chief Grégoire will treat you as real guest stars with a selection of dishes + local beers, natural juices & many more.

RUN package

technical running tshirt


photograph (photocall)✔️

shower & lockers

walking diner

open bar❌

happy mood with lounge music ❌


Awards to the 3 best mixed teams,

to the 3 best women's teams

and to the 3 best men's teams.

RUNNING animation

Johan Debière,

Journalist, Run the Loop's founder

& completely mad on running!


For those still standing...


Men, women
S, M, L, XL

Special thanks to Pascal Hubert for his wonderful pictures.