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💪🏼Against all expectations young athletes aged 25-29 perform better in long distance duathlon (read & digested by Run the Loop, 9/6/2023) 👎👍Training in an athletic club: pros & cons by Devlin Eyden and Shona Hendricks (watched & digested by Run the Loop, 31/5/2023) 🍒Run without pain thanks to cherries (read & digested by Run the Loop, 31/5/2023) 🏅Discover our 9 tips to perform like a Kenyan on the 20km of Brussels & later in Run the Loop ;-) (newsletter #3 Run the Loop 19/5/2023)

Shorts intervals, long time recovery; long intervals, short time recovery (discovered in Reed Elsevier, 12/4/2023) 📖When choosing a pair of running shoes becomes a scientific work (discovered in Fellrnr, 23/2/2023) 🦶A woman's shoe is not a man's shoe. Discover the well-named Blissfeel (The Star, 10/6/2022) ⚡⚡Always pay attention to the so-called central-fatigue (MDPI, 10/6/2022)💛💙Running under the bombs in Ukraine (The Guardian, 10/6/2022)🏃🏻After only 5 years practising running Laurent flies at the incredible pace of 3.10 min/km. Discover some of his secrets in THIS stunning interview (22/2/2021) 🧑‍🎓On the 16th of september Louvain-la-Neuve/Grand-Place will be the place to be for the hottest sporty students. In cooperation with Service des sports UCLouvain the luckiest will receive very cool grants (14/9/2021) 🏊🏻 🚴🏻🏃🏻Zoom on Michaël Monsieur alias Iron Mike (interview reproduced with the kind permission of HEX Group, 16/6/2021)🐑I've tested the Wool Cross X (tested by Run the Loop, 17/5/2021) 🚩Drafting techniques can save up precious seconds for runners (Journal of Biomechanics, 22/4/2021)👉 Running high on endocannabinoïds. Will the police chase you? (Science Direct, 4/2021) ❤️ Why is it so hard to run by warm weather? (Pubmed,  2/2021) 🦶 Trail running shoes's market pushed up from 6.4 to 9.4 billions dollars. Thank you Miss COVID19 (Researchmarket, 3/2021). DON'T HESITATE TO ACTIVATE THE WONDERFUL GOOGLE TRANSLATION MODULE ON THE NEWS PAGE TO COME DIRECTLY AFTER YOUR CLICK!

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